Is A Wheelchair Right For You?

Your wheelchair is an essential part of your life. At HME we want to make sure you end up with a wheelchair that fits your individual preferences including the fit of your body and the activities that suit your lifestyle.

Wheelchair technology is a growing and increasingly intricate industry. New technology is being tested and introduced to the wheelchair market constantly. This technologically dynamic arena can make selecting the right wheelchair quite an intimidating process. The days of a “one size fits all” wheelchair are long gone. For this reason, there are many elements that must be considered before you select your ideal wheelchair.


Why Order Your Wheelchair From HME Mobility?

Choosing your wheelchair supplier is a hefty decision in itself and at HMEBC we want to make this choice more comfortable for you. HMEBC has a team of professionals to help with your wheelchair selection, each of whom has different area of expertise.

We Have A One of A Kind Team:

  • You and Your Caregivers: You are the most important member of our team! As the wheelchair user and our dear customer we’re dedicated to listening to your preferences. Even if this is your first wheelchair, your opinions and desires are essential in order to make the best wheelchair selection. Additionally, we welcome the input of your family and caregivers. The special people in your life have valuable input and perspective into features of a wheelchair that may make your lives simpler.
  • As Your Qualified Wheelchair Supplier we work with your therapist and medical team to trial, supply and maintain your equipment. Our network of Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists is the strongest in Canada which is why we know how to match you and your lifestyle with the appropriate quality equipment.

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