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HME is dedicated to providing our clients with the very best products. Over the course of 25 years, HME has been at the forefront of delivering, servicing, and managing medical products for clients in communities across British Columbia.

By working with diverse groups of clients and families in many unique situations, HME has found that many people want is locally-made products that deliver optimal quality and superior value.

In 2020, the founders of HME, Robert and Cameron, designed HME’s signature line of products to meet the above precepts. They believe that every product in the HME Signature Series must align with the following commitments and ideals:

  • Products are designed, manufactured, and distributed by locally-owned and locally-sourced Canadian companies.
  • Site tours are undertaken to ensure a close relationship with the manufacturers who create and add value to this unique line of high-quality products.
  • Products are tested annually by HME.
  • All HME Signature products offer the best quality and provide a minimum one-year warranty to guarantee product satisfaction.
  • HME Signature products are stocked in all HME locations.

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