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Ki Mobility Focus CR

by Ki Mobility
Buy From:$3,895.00

Who Says Tilt Chairs Can’t Look Good? Employing state of the art manufacturing techniques, the Focus CR is an attractive minimalistic tilt. With the industry’s most effective seat height possibilities you’ll find it more functional too!


Complex Rotation

The Focus CR is our patent pending execution of the Science of Complex Rotation. Complex Rotation is a system that utilizes two control paths with two different centers of rotation to minimize the problems that result from the inevitable misalignment between the center of gravity of the system and a single rotation point.

Secure Tilt

Within the Focus CR the seat frame naturally wants to settle to the middle instead of slamming forward or backward – thus putting the forces that used to work against you on your side. You can feel confident that uncontrolled tilting is a thing of the past.

Smart Tilt

The Focus CR is also a smart tilt. The chair will tell you how much adjustment is needed so you have more time to focus on the other details of your day.

Ease Of Adjustment

No rotation design has ever been so easy to adjust. Ever.

Only 2 bolts are required to make the CG adjustment. In most cases the adjustment can be done with the seating system and client in position.

Cutting Edge Design

Employing state of the art manufacturing techniques, the Focus CR is an attractive minimalistic Tilt. With the industry’s most effective seat height possibilities you’ll find it more functional too! (Reference seat height matrix on order form for more details)

Wide Tire Options

The new 16×2 mag rear wheels and 6 x 2 solid casters make it easier to handle everyday obstacles such as curbs and inclines. With a noticeable improvement in roll ability, the chair floats effortlessly across soft ground while rolling easily indoors.


Tired of bending down to constantly adjust anti-tips? Fumbling with the button locks to get them out of the way? This NEW flip-up spring-loaded design makes it simple. Now just use your foot to easily flip them up and down as required.  Need we say more?

Hanger Options

Because the human body doesn’t grow in one inch increments you will appreciate the new 70° and 80° front mount hangers. With expanded foot positioning operations, adjustments in ½” increments and extended footrest lengths you can count on achieving the positioning the client needs.

Better Wheel Access

The Focus CR design features an inset tilt mechanism which reduces limitations between seating setups and wheel placement. This allows greater access to the wheel and a more advantageous weight distribution between rear wheels and front casters.

Tilt Lock

The Focus CR is designed with a low maintenance, rugged tilt mechanism. It is available with two different options for operation. A single hand lever, which can be mounted left or right, utilizing a single cable to operate both tilt locks simultaneously, reducing maintenance and cable damage. A single foot pedal option is also available and can be ordered for either left or right mounting depending on preference. This option features a cable free mechanical linkage for the ultimate in low maintenance. Both tilt lock systems on the Focus CR come with a lifetime warranty.

Roller Bearings

Unlike other Tilt N’ Space wheelchairs that use plastic rollers or plastic bushings in their tilt mechanisms the Focus CR utilizes 8 precision sealed bearings of the highest quality. The ultimate in durability and virtually maintenance free, each bearing comes with a lifetime warranty at no additional charge.

Adjustable Height Back W/ Fold Down Stroller Handles

Compact knuckle design on the fold down stroller handle allows for a range of motion from 30 to 270 degrees.  This ensures the caretaker always has comfortable hand positioning no matter the angle of tilt the chair is in.  It also enables the handles to be folded down flush tight against the back canes so the chair can be transported in tight spaces much easier.

Dual Post Arm

This design does not wrap around the back of the chair to keep it clear from hardware so you have an easier time mounting your aftermarket seating system.  Adjustable in height you can feel confident that you will be able to achieve a comfortable fit for the client.

WC-19 Transit Approved

Transit tested and approved.  User weight capacity up to 300lbs.

Focus CR & CRe
Lower base price so you don’t have to sacrifice quality and dependability to get the product your patient needs. A price that makes it a little more reachable when you need it. What’s different? The Focus CRe does not include the Make It Right Program. That’s it. Same chair. Same options.




Transport Weight 33lbs 14.97kg
Seat Width 14 – 22″ 36 – 56cm
Seat Depth 14 – 22″ 36 – 56cm
Seat Height 13.5 – 19.5″ 33 – 50cm
Weight Capacity 300 lbs 136.08 kg
Top Frame Tubing Size 1″ 2.54cm
Tilt Range -5 degrees to -50 2.86cm
Ansi Resna WC-19 Transit Approved YES

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About Ki Mobility

Ki Mobility was established in 2005. With a combined experience of over 50 years in the complex rehab industry, it is the founders' comprehensive knowledge that drives Ki Mobility to achieve the success we share today.

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