Low Air Loss Mattresses

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Who Can An Air Mattress Help?

Hospital grade air beds are carefully designed for patient care both in the medical field and at-home. These medical air mattresses also play a vital role in preventing or soothing extended periods of bed rest when patients may experience aches, pains and sores. When a client requires a high degree of pressure distribution, a low air loss mattress is recommended. HME are experts on low air loss mattresses, and have a variety of different types to ensure comfort.

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Hospital Air Mattress


Comfort – Comfort is our top priority and it’s the main reason our customers seek out air mattresses in the first place. Air mattresses offer comfort features that can’t be duplicated in a traditional hospital bed. Temperature control, pressure monitoring and wireless auto fowlers are just some of the features that make our air beds intuitive and comfortable for our patients.


Safety & Transfers – Safety is a huge concern for any patient that wants peace of mind while they rest and heal. Our air mattresses come with features like power outage safety, constant pressure monitoring to prevent capillary occlusion, a lock out feature and an Anti-microbial, fluid resistant, vapor permeable cover which guards against friction and shearing.


Skin Health – Our articulating air mattresses all have features which promote skin health. Bedsores are painful and, in our eyes, preventable. Our air mattresses have features which promote blood flow and balanced pressure so patients do not develop trigger points or bed sores during extended periods of bedrest.


Size – Our customers come in all shapes and sizes and therefore we offer air mattresses of different sizes to suit their needs. Commercial clients including hospitals and nursing homes often have different needs than our customers who are purchasing for their homes. If you need help finding an air mattress to suit your needs please reach out to us for help.


Budget – As with all of our products, we keep our pricing affordable and payment plans to make quality home medical equipment more attainable for our customers. We also stay current on opportunities for government support and we’ll notify you if any apply to our purchase.


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