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OpalAir Surface

by Evergreen Medical Products

The OpalAir is designed as a full featured therapeutic surface to meet the needs of high risk complex clients. Using the same intuitive controls and therapeutic modes as the Evergreen Palm it offers a higher air flow rate to reduce moisture and humidity promoting a healing environment.

It’s deep cell design facilitates maximum immersion and offloading to reduce pressure on areas of high risk of skin breakdown. The OpalAir has clinical features to reduce agitation while enhancing skin protection and comfort to promote an environment conducive to restorative sleep and healing. This surface is ideal for users managing Stage I – IV pressure injuries.


Alternating Pressure Therapy

1-in-3 air cells gently inflate and deflate to enhance pressure redistribution and promote blood flow to high-risk tissues allowing greater oxygenation and healing. ‘SmoothCell’ technology facilitates gentle cell movement and ensures clients remain stable and unaffected by the surface movement.

True Low Air Loss Therapy

Continuous high air flow controls microclimate (temperature and humidity) suitable to promote wound healing.


Auto-Detect’ technology automatically calibrates optimal pressure based on bodyweight and surface area. This improves the efficiency of set-up, reducing the need for on-going caregiver adjustments.


Automatic increase of air to sacral/pelvic area when bedhead is raised to reduce risk of bottoming-out and ensure protection for high-risk bony areas.


Lower pressure under the lightweight, bony ankle and heel areas to promote additional immersion and pressure redistribution.


Motionless head section to promote head and neck positioning and reduce potential disturbance to the client.


Cells alternate slowly and keeps clients at a level height. This ensures clients remain stable and unaffected by the surface movement.

Cool/Warm Air function

Allows clients to maintain a comfortable temperature to promote acceptance of the surface and enhance restorative sleep.


Cover easily removed for cleaning/ disinfecting and can be laundered. Ease of cleaning ensures infection protection.

Power Outage Coverage

2.5” air pads provide coverage during a power-outage.

Low Noise Pump

Quiet pump decreases irritation and promotes a desirable sleep environment.


Mattress cells inflate to max for caregiver management. After 20 minutes the system automatically returns to the previously selected Therapeutic Mode.


Mattress Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: 1000lbs
  • Inflated Dimension – 35’’ x 79’’ x 10.5’’’. Additional width and length options available upon request.
  • Air Cell Material: Polyurethane for durability
  • Cover Material: Polyurethane-coated nylon fabric – vapour permeable for air flow
  • Base Material: Heavy-duty Nylon fabric for durability

Control Unit Specifications

  • Inflation Time: 10 minutes
  • Max Air-flow: 1000 Ipm

Question about the OpalAir Surface ?

Call 604-821-0075 and request details about the OpalAir Surface.

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About Evergreen Medical Products

Making life comfortable

Evergreen surfaces are designed to prevent and manage skin injuries using alternating pressure and low air loss therapies. Our surfaces offer your clients an optimal environment for skin protection, rest, and healing. Evergreen therapies are slow moving, gentle and soothing to offer clients comfort. Surfaces are designed from a clinician’s perspective – making them intuitive to use and suitable for all patient care environments. We work with leading Clinical Educators to communicate current best practices for skin protection and healing.


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