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Spex Standard Contour Cushion

by Sunrise Medical

The Spex cushion is designed to create the optimum pelvic foundation for the wheelchair user. Well established and preferred by many professionals for its capacity to adjust on-the-spot in solving for both symmetrical and asymmetrical sitting postures. Spex cushion technology provides the key solution to positioning and levelling the pelvis correctly and effectively by strategic placement in the adjustable base cell system to further contour the cushion for correction or control.

The technology of the construction produces a broad distribution pattern with low peak pressures, and pressure analysis data suggest that the pressure distribution characteristics of the Spex cushion makes it an excellent candidate for people that are at risk of skin ulcers. Further pressure management and pressure redistribution is adjusted by simply rearranging and modifying the cells at any time.

Comes with washable spacer fabric cover and incontinent cover.


Strategic Positioning Base

By adjusting the strategic positioning base, the cushion surface is contoured to improve overall posture, pelvic alignment, sitting ability, comfort and pressure reduction. It can be adapted on-the-spot to suit individual pelvic needs including pelvic obliquity, tight hamstrings, posterior pelvic tilt, anterior pelvic tilt, limited hip flexion (one side or both), extensor thrust, and pelvic rotation.

Pressure Rating & Characteristics

Our Spex cushions have been laboratory tested in USA for pressure characteristics and the readings indicate excellent pressure distribution over the entire sitting surface. Pressure readings across all five zones (L/R Trochanter, L/R Ischial Tuberosity and Sacrum) showed smooth transitions without significant peaks in pressure.


Width 10″ to 20″ (25 to 50 cm)
Length 10″ to 22″ (25 to 56 cm)
Trough Height 1.2″  (3 cm)
Cushion Height 2″ to 3″ (5 to 8 cm)
Approx. Weight 1.5 kg / 3.3 lbs (16″ x 16″)
Weight Capacity 10-15″: 90 kg/200 lbs
16-20″: 160 kg/350 lbs
Base Strategic Positioning Base
Inner Cover Wipe-Down Spextex Fabric
Outer Cover Washable Breathable Spacer Fabric
Can be customized Yes
Others? Bariatric sizes available upon request

Question about the Spex Standard Contour Cushion ?

Call 604-821-0075 and request details about the Spex Standard Contour Cushion.

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Sunrise Medical is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of homecare and extended care products. Their Quickie line of wheelchairs is one of the world’s top wheelchair brands.

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