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Rifton Mobile Stander

Eye to eye, smile to smile – engaging with peers is so much more rewarding for individuals with special needs when they can interact in an upright and mobile position. And the Mobile Stander, a mobile prone stander, makes it easy – even for those with no weight-bearing ability.

The Mobile Stander provides new independence and standing mobility for wheelchair-bound clients. More importantly, this Mobile Stander helps strengthen critical motor skills so a user can progress toward independent standing.

Freedom to explore
With the Mobile Stander’s removable large wheels in place, clients can self-propel in a standing position – free to explore their surroundings alongside (and often ahead of!) their playmates.

Freedom to participate
Remove its large wheels, and the Mobile Stander easily rolls right up to a table or a counter enabling participation in crafts and other stationary activities.

Skillbuilding in action
With regular use, the Mobile Stander provides a way for clients to strengthen motor skills and work toward independent standing.


Adjustable body support

The body support adjusts according to the user’s size and requirements. A child who is 25″ tall fits into the mini Mobile Stander, while the large Mobile Stander can accommodate a young adult up to 65″ tall.

Arm prompts

Optional arm prompts help clients develop greater head and shoulder control. They can be removed as control improves.

Communication tray

The optional and fully adjustable communication tray holds small objects or activities for easy access while standing.

Fleecy strap

A soft fleecy strap provides the client with back or neck support while standing.

Seat pad

Our unique, adjustable seat pad allows gradual increases in weight-bearing and develops standing mobility skills. The Mobile Stander supports zero weight-bearing clients, enabling even double amputees to be upright and mobile.

Knee straps

Knee straps provide abduction when desired. (Extras are available on request.)

Removable wheels

Optional large wheels pop on and off with the push of a button. Wheel locks provide security, spoke guards protect fingers, and hand rims keep hands clean. This photo shows the Mobile Stander in use without the large wheels.

Wheel lock

The Mobile Stander’s large wheels each come with a lock that the user can operate to keep his or her stander firmly in place. Once ready to move, the wheel locks can be easily released.

Accessible deck

The Mobile Stander’s deck is extra wide for simpler transfers and more user participation in the sit-to-stand process which is so vital in achieving standing mobility.


Large casters allow the Mobile Stander to move easily during activities, yet lock securely during transfer.


Carmakers believe in the long-term benefits of baked-on powder coating. So do we.

Designed to stand up to wind and weather, our colors also conform to American and European toy safety standards.


Mobile Stander Manual


Item Dimensions (inches)
Overall length 25 25 32 39
Overall width 25 25½ 29 33½
Overall height 22½ – 28 23½ – 30 31 – 39 37½ – 49
Width without big wheels 19½ 21 24 28½
Wheel diameter 20 20 27 35
Length of body support 14½ 20½ 25 32
Width of body support 7 – 10 7 – 10 9 – 12 10 – 14
Height of body support 16½ – 22 22 – 29 29 – 38 36 – 48
Seat pad N/A N/A 6 x 7 8 x 11
Item weight (lbs) 28 30 40 65
Maximum working load (lbs) 50 50 120 175

Delivery Options

Call 604-821-0075 or request details about the Rifton Mobile Stander using the form below.

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    Please note that HME only sells to clients within Province of BC, Canada.
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