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South Surrey


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Raised Toilet Seats

Buy From:$2895.98
Buy From:$106.00

Prevent Unnecessary Injuries in the Bathroom Simply and Affordably

For customers with weak or injured knees or backs a raised toilet seat is a must. The product raises the height of a traditional toilet seat so it’s easier to sit down and get up again. There’s no need to replace your entire toilet, these simple and effective products are secure and wont slide around once installed properly. There’s no long term damage done to the toilet the seat is installed on and it won’t inconvenience other users. For course, all toilets are a little different and therefore, require different raised toilet seats to accommodate them. HMEBC has the widest selection of toilet seats and we’re confident we have one that will fit the toilet you have so you won’t have to face the expense of getting an entire new toilet.

For further information about what measurement of toilet seat will work best for you, consult our measurement guide here.

Browse Our Selection of Raised Toilet Seats or Call  1-844-821-0075 to Speak with a Representative.

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