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Lift Chairs

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Lift Chairs to Maximize Comfort At Home

Lift chairs help our customers live and relax comfortably at home. All of HME's products are focused on making life at home as comfortable as possible for our customers. Our goal is that every customer will be able to live in their home comfortably for as long as possible.

Not Your Average Recliner

While a Lift Chair resembles a standard reclining chair, it is actually a specialized piece of medical equipment that assists people with mobility challenges.

Lift Chairs can be used in their upright position or they can be reclined by pushing a button. The powerful lifting system can be engaged by the user to return the chair to an upright position when needed so the user is never stuck in a reclined position. The user can fully operate their Lift Chair by pushing buttons on a remote and will never have to manually engage a lever or switch.

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