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Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms Require Special Safety Products

HME Vancouver's wide range of bathroom mobility safety equipment will make any bathroom accessible and safe. From bath seats (and other bathroom seating options) and toilet raisers, to bath lifts and grab bars, HME specializes in making bathrooms accessible again. Bathrooms are one of the most accident-prone areas of a home because they are high-traffic areas and some of the surfaces can become slippery with regular use. HME Vancouver Bathroom Safety Products help users avoid these common accidents.

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If you're not sure which bathroom safety products you need in your home, call us and we'll come to your home at a convenient time to perform a full-home assessment. One of our certified HME professionals will take a look at the high-traffic areas of your home and will make recommendations where they see a safety hazard that could be enhanced with one of our products.

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