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Stair Lifts for Every Kind of Stair Case

There is no stair case HME can’t provide a stair lift for. We offer the highest quality stair lifts from brands we have long term relationships with. We endorse Bruno stair lifts because they are the best and we train our employees to know our manufacturers products inside and out so they can service your stair lift for years to come.  Whether you have a straight stair case, a curved stair case, or are in need of a custom stair case we’ll work with you to deliver exactly the stair lift you need.

Three Convenient Locations across British Columbia

For your convenience we have three large and fully-stocked showrooms across southern BC: One showroom in Richmond, one showroom in Victoria and one showroom in Surrey. At each location we have a team of local and educated professionals to serve you whether you need a stair lift, a walker, or anything in between. Unlike any of our competitors our stair lifts are available in our showrooms to trial before you buy. Come into any one of our locations and try out our stair lifts for yourself.

Straight Stairlift

Straight Stairlifts

Indoors, Straight

Straight stairlifts are designed for homes with straight rail staircases, they cannot go around a corner or a bend or turn. A straight stairlift is our most affordable and most popular option.

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Straight Stairlift

Curved Stairlifts

Indoors, Curved

HME custom curved stair lifts are designed specifically for your curved stair case. A custom curved stair lift will provide a lifetime of safety and durability.

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Straight Stairlift

Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoors, Straight, Curved

HME outdoor stair lifts will give you safe access to your backyard once again. Specifically designed to withstand all types of weather and elements.

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Customer Service from Trained Stair Lift Technicians

Each of HME’s locations prides itself on building long term relationships with our customers. Our stair lift technicians go through rigorous training to ensure they’re the most informed in the industry and we hire technicians that understand the very core of our business is friendly, kind and reliable customer service. Our stair lift customer service is unique to the industry like our warranty’s and free home safety assessments. Often we get calls from customers who purchased stair lifts with the competiton and now have no one to offer them maintenance services. In these instances it’s our privilege to step in and offer the customer truly life enhancing service so they can have the positive experience with their stair lift that they deserve. Please contact us at (604) 821 0075 to discuss how we can assist.

BRUNO Platinum Dealer

HME Accessibility is the only Expedited Bruno Dealer in Canada, and top 5% producer in North America. HME Accessibility through its Expedited program gets Bruno Production Times Expedited and faster shipping times through this service. For our customers, this means getting a curved unit 1-2 weeks quicker then any other Bruno Dealer. Guaranteed

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