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Wheelchair Seating Rentals

Wheelchair Cushions and Back Support

Wheelchair seating rentals may seem inconsequential but they play a significant role in the health of your body and the proper use of your wheelchair. The correct wheelchair seat, cushion and back support is critical to the function and proper performance of a wheelchair. HME specializes in a vast range of cushions and backrests to provide the positioning and comfort needed with a mobility device. Choose from foam, air or gel cushions for wheelchair seats and back rests based on what you find most comfortable. These products can help you maintain healthy posture in your chair which can be essential for long-term comfort and proper health of bones and muscles. If you need assistance selecting the right wheelchair seating options for your wheelchair please contact HME and a representative will be able to help you.

Our Wheelchair Seating Rentals are Available Monthly or Through Our Rent-to-Own Program

Wheelchair Seating for Rent

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Basic Foam Cushion (ie. Prism Ideal, Jay Basic)
Rent Monthly at: $48
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Basic Gel/Foam Cushion (ie. Solution)
Tension Adjustable Back
Tension Adjustable Back
Seat Rigidizer
Rent Monthly at: $30
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Lap-Positioning Belt

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