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Walker & Rollator Rentals

Rent a Walker that Fits You and Can Support Your Mobility Habits

Our walker rentals and rollator rentals are designed to assist you as an extension of your body without being burdensome, heavy or overpowering. Renting a walker or rollator can give you the extra support you need to feel comfortable while doing about your day. Walkers are designed to be positioned in front of you and lifted along as you walk are an excellent option for those who need minor support. Rollators are designed to be positioned in front of you and will roll in lieu of having to be lifted offer a higher degree of support. We want your walker or rollator rental to be a tool you use when needed, not a crutch that is reinforcing bad habits. From walkers and rollators to knee scooters, HME’s walking aids offer independence and mobility to those who need it. If you need help navigating our selection of walker and rollator rentals please contact us and an HME representative will be happy to assist you.

Rent Walkers or Rollators on a Monthly Basis or Through our Rent-to-Own Program

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