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Wombat Living

by Etac

Through continuous development and therapist feedback, the new Wombat Living provides all features and accessories needed for a functional activity chair.

The Wombat Living is a cool activity chair for both toddler, pre-school, school children, teens and transition to grown-up. The new fresh look with modern colours makes it suitable for use in any indoor environment.

Use the Wombat Living for daily activities such as reading and learning at school, having fun with friends and when helping with daily chores at home.

The height adjustable frame and the anterior tilt function ease standing transfer into the chair and ensures that unnecessary and repetitive lifting is avoided.

The Wombat Living is available in 3 sizes and is configurable, making it fit any shape and size. No compromises need to be made in order for the user to fit the product. We have made it the other way around. Wombat Living will fit the user!


Tilt in space

The seat unit tilts from -15° to 20° to accommodate both relaxed and active sitting postures. Depending on the level of function, some users will be able to activate the handle beneath the seat themselves

Built-in growth

Wombat Living offers stepless adjustment for growth. Move the backrest forward or backward and adjust the hip supports to fit any user size. The hip supports also angle to support the user’s hips and thighs

Angle adjustable push brace

Depending on the need, the push brace can be angled into the desired position. Use the push brace for moving the chair around or angle it ‘up and away’ when it is not in use

Small details – big difference

The cushions are made from thick comfortable foam with breathable cover. Small details like cushion shapes that protect the user’s knees and extra durable edges, make a big difference in everyday use


Wombat Living size 1 Wombat Living size 2 Wombat Living size 3
Effective seat width (A) 11¾” 14½” 16½”
Back width (F) 9¾” 11¾” 13¾
Effective back width, contoured cushion (F) 6¾” 9″ 10½”
Effective seat depth (B) 7–12¼” 9¾–15″ 12½–19¾”
Backrest height (C) 11–13½” 12¼–15” 15¼–18¾”
Backrest height (Long Back) (C) 14¼–17″ 15½–18″ 18–21¾”
Backrest angle (a1) 0–28° 0–28° 0–33°
Seat plane angle (a2) -15°–20° -15–20° -10–22°
Footrest to seat distance (D) 6–10 6–13¾ 6–17¼
Leg to seat surface angle (a3) -30–30° -30–30° -30–30°
Seat surface height at front edge, 75 mm castors (E) 14¼–25½” 14¼–25½” 15¼–26½”
Seat surface height at front edge, 100 mm castors (E) 15¼–26½” 15¼–26½” 16½–27½”
Overall width (G) 21½” 21½” 24”
Length (H) 23½” 23½” 28¼”
Max user mass 99.2 lb 99.2 lb 154.3 lb
Mass device 34.1 lb 34.1 lb 48.5 lb
Max rated load 137.7 lb 137.7 lb 207.2 lb
Seat width between hip supports (accessories) 4¼–11¾” 6¾–14½” 8½–16½”
Seat width, pelvis support with sides (accessories) 6¾–9½” 9–11¾” 11½–14¼”
Width, pelvis support without sides (accessories) 9½” 9½” 11½”
Armrest to seat distance 2½–7″ 2½–7″ 2½–7″
Armrest to seat distance, long rod and pad 2½–10½” 2½–10½” 2½–10½”

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