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Squiggles Seat

by Sunrise Medical

Designed for children ages 1-5, Squiggles Seating System is suitable for use as a home chair, school chair or with a mobility base. Squiggles meets all the postural, function and practical requirements of a seating system for young children with special needs while maintaining a fun, colorful design.


Pelvic Stability

The pelvis is held in a neutral position with the four-point pelvic harness. Further enhance pelvic stability with Squiggles’ flexible sacral cushion that can be shaped to support the sacrum. The ramped cushion maintains the alignment of the pelvis and thighs, along with the other pelvic stability features to keep the neutral position of the pelvis.

Trunk and Head Alignment

Squiggles’ trunk and head support is enhanced with the addition of the shoulder support, providing increased shoulder protraction, and therefore midline positioning of the upper limbs.

When minimal additional trunk support is needed a small chest harness can be attached to the lateral supports. If greater trunk support is needed, a trunk harness can be attached. The shoulder sections of the trunk harness can be released separately for upper limb activities.

Leg and Foot Positioning

The one-piece footrest with optional sandals ensures maximum stability and allows for growth. Adduction features and optional pommel allow for optimal upper leg positioning.


Squiggles Seating System was designed with both the child and caregiver in mind. A 1″, one piece seat base cushion ensures comfort so the child is able to focus on other activities. The removable, machine washable cushion cover makes it easier to clean while the tools sent as a standard help prevent loosening through continued use.


Squiggles Seat Brochure Pelvic Harness Measuring Guide Sandal Measuring Guide Seat Chassis Measuring Guide Trunk Harness Measuring Guide


Age (Approx.) 1-5 years 1-5 years
User Height Range 29.5 – 43.3″ 750 – 1100 mm
Max User Weight 48.4 lbs. 22 kg
Seat Depth (Backrest to back of knee) 7.5 – 11.4″ 190 – 290 mm
Seat width 6.3 – 10.2″ 160 – 260 mm
Hip Width (Distance between hip guides) 6.3 – 8.7″ 160 – 220 mm
Backrest Height (Sitting shoulder height) 12.6 – 15″ 320 – 380 mm
Backrest Height (with shoulder support) 16.5 – 18.9″ 430 – 480 mm
Chest Width (Distance between laterals) 6.3 – 8.75″ 160 – 220 mm
Knee Width 3.5″ 90 mm
Distance between pommel & side of seat 7.5″ 190 mm
Seat to Footplate (Sole of foot to back of knee) 4.8″ – 10.25″ 122.5 mm – 260 mm
Seat to Floor (Top of seat to floor) 11.4 – 26.4″ 290 – 670 mm
Backrest Angle Prone 10° 10°
Backrest Angle Recline 25° 25°
Tilt in Space – Hi-Low Chassis 10° – 30° 10° – 30°
Footplate Angle Plantarflexion 10° 10°
Footplate Angle Dorsiflexion 10° 10°
Tray Size 18.1″ / 22″ 460 / 560 mm
Seat Weight 13.2 lbs. 6 kg
Tray Height (Seat to top of tray) 4.5 – 6.7″ 115 – 170 mm
Hi-Low Chassis Weight 19.8 lbs. 9 kg
Excluding Push Bar Length 25.2″ 640 mm
Minimum dimensions for storage Width 21.3″ 540 mm
Height 12.4″ 315 mm

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