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Special Tomato Soft-Touch® Sitter

by Special Tomato

The Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitters are an adaptive seating system that provides support in a variety of sitting positions. The Soft-Touch Sitters come in four different variations:

  • Sitter Only
  • Sitter with Floor Wedge (Sizes 1 – 3 Only)
  • Sitter with Stationary Base

All of the Sitters come with Attachment Straps as a standard feature. This allows you to securely attach the Sitters to a stable dining chair, classroom chair, stroller or any of the the Special Tomato Bases: Floor Wedge, Stationary Base or Mobile Base.

The Sitter with Floor Wedge allows for your child to be fully supported while on the floor. This level of seating is great for interaction between children with special needs and peers that are playing on the floor. The Stationary Base allows children to be close to the floor without caregivers having to transfer them all the way down to the floor. The Stationary Base is equipped with furniture glides to protect your floors. The Mobile Base is the same as the Stationary Base, with the addition of wheels to allow you to move your child around the room or from room to room. Whether it’s circle time at school, playing with friends and siblings at home, eating with the family at the dinner table or “chilling out” with the rest of the family at home, the Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitters provide exactly the adaptive seating support that you need.

The Special Tomato Sitters are intended for children with mild to moderate positioning needs. The special needs Soft-Touch products are made from Special Tomato’s soft to the touch material that has anti-microbial properties, is impermeable to fluids, as well as latex-free and peel- and tear-resistant.


Standard Features Include:

  • Attachment Straps for different Sitter Bases, other standard chairs and strollers
  • Soft contoured seat with anti-thrust seating surface
  • Built-in abductor
  • Contoured head and lateral supports
  • Adjustable 8-point positioning harness that is removable for cleaning
  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


Soft-Touch Sitter Size Chart Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5
Target Weight 20-30 lbs. (9-14 kg) 30-60 lbs. (14-27 kg) 40-80 lbs. (18-36 kg) 50-110 lbs. (23-50 kg) 90-200 lbs. (41-91 kg)
Target Height 30-35 (75-87.5 cm) 35-48″ (87.5-120 cm) 40-56″ (100-140 cm) 50-65″ (125-162.5 cm) 54-74″ (135-185 cm)
Target Age 1 to 2 years 2 to 6 years 6 to 9 years 9 to 14 years 13 years to Adult
Inside Seat Depth 7″ (17.5 cm) 9.5″ (23.75 cm) 11.5″ (28.75 cm) 13.5″ (33.75 cm) 16″ (40 cm)
Inside Seat Width 8″ (20 cm) 10″ (25 cm) 12″ (30 cm) 14″ (35 cm) 16″ (40 cm)
Seat Back Height 21″ (52.5 cm) 26″ (65 cm) 29″ (72.5 cm) 35″ (87.5 cm) 39″ (97.5 cm)
Overall Seat Depth 12″ (30 cm) 14″ (35 cm) 16″ (40 cm) 19″ (47.5 cm) 21″ (52.5 cm)
Overall Seat Width 12″ (30 cm) 14″ (35 cm) 16″ (40 cm) 18″ (45 cm) 20″ (50 cm)
Overall Seat Height 25″ (62.5 cm) 29″ (72.5 cm) 34″ (85 cm) 40″ (100 cm) 44″ (110 cm)
Weight of Seat 6 lbs. (2.7 kg) 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) 13 lbs. (6 kg) 15 lbs. (7 kg) 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)
Floor to Seat Height UPRIGHT on FLOOR Base 5″ (12.7 cm) 5.5″ (13.8 cm) 5.5″ (13.8 cm) N/A N/A
Floor to Seat Height TILTED on FLOOR Base 4.5″ (11.4 cm) 4.5″ (11.4 cm) 5″ (12.7 cm) N/A N/A
Floor to Seat Height UPRIGHT on STATIONARY Base 9.25″ (23.5 cm) 9.25″ (23.5 cm) 9.4″ (24 cm) 11.5″ (29.2 cm) 12.5″ (31.8 cm)
Floor to Seat Height TILTED on STATIONARY Base 9.25″ (23.5 cm) 9.6″ (24.4 cm) 10″ (25.5 cm) 13″ (33 cm) 14.25″ (36.2 cm)
Floor to Seat Height UPRIGHT on MOBILE Base 12.5″ (31.8 cm) 13.1″ (33.3 cm) 13″ (33 cm) 14.75″ (37.5 cm) 16″ (40.6 cm)
Floor to Seat Height TILTED on MOBILE Base 12.75″ (32.4 cm) 13.5″ (34.3 cm) 13.5″ (34.3 cm) 16″ (40.6 cm) 17.75″ (45.1 cm)
Height of Seat Back Attachment Strap 11″ (27.9 cm) 13.5″ (34.3 cm) 14″ (35.6 cm) 15″ (38.1 cm) 15″ (38.1 cm)
Soft-Touch Tilt Wedge Bases FLOOR Sitter Base Small STATIONARY Base Large STATIONARY Base Small MOBILE Base Large MOBILE Base
Base Fits Sitter Sizes 1, 2 & 3 1, 2 & 3 4 & 5 1, 2 & 3 4 & 5
Overall Width 19″ (48.3 cm) 17.5″ (44.5 cm) 19.25″ (48.9 cm) 17.5″ (44.5 cm) 19.25″ (48.9 cm)
Overall Depth 22.5.” (57.2 cm) 30″ (76.2 cm) 35″ (88.9 cm) 30″ (76.2 cm) 35″ (88.9 cm)
Overall Height 12.5″ (31.8 cm) 16″ (40.6 cm) 23.0″ (58.4 cm) 19.5″ (49.5 cm) 26.5″ (67.3 cm)
Weight of Base 14 lbs. (6.4 kg) 12 lbs. (5.4 kg) 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) 14 lbs. (6.4 kg) 17 lbs. (7.7 kg)
Degree of Tilt 25° 25° 25° 25° 25°

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About Special Tomato

Special Tomato® Soft-Touch® Cushions are designed by Tim Bergeron, the original creator of Tumble Forms®. Tim has improved his special needs seating and positioning designs to make them more therapeutically sound to enhance what therapists and caregivers work on daily with their children. Tim’s new material, Soft-Touch®, is soft and comfortable yet extremely durable to stand up to daily use in homes, clinics, schools and hospitals.

Hand-crafted in upstate New York, Special Tomato Soft-Touch cushion products are designed with the needs of the user and care provider in mind. With over 40 years of manufacturing pediatric seating and positioning systems, our products are safe and easy to use while providing a latex-free contact surface. Our exclusive manufacturing process adds strength without using harsh chemicals or plastics. Soft-Touch cushions are made of non-toxic and latex-free material. The contoured designs of our products provide a large surface area for distributing pressure which reduces the risk of skin shear and breakdown. Our material is cool and smooth reducing the possibility of children’s skin sticking to the seating surface.

Our Soft-Touch material outer skin prevents the seating and positioning products from peeling or tearing and also prevents liquids from penetrating the core. The soft-to-the-touch inner core is a specially formulated foam that allows for children to sit comfortably for longer periods of time.

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