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Roho Hybrid Select Cushion

by Permobil SKU: HS1414C
Buy From:$1,106.00

Advanced hybrid seating offering adjustable skin protection and optional offloading

The ROHO® Hybrid Select Cushion is an ergonomically contoured design made of a combination of foam and air. This hybrid cushion has positioning capabilities utilizing the ISOFLO® Memory Control for two ROHO® sections: the dual zone overlay and the removable IT air insert that allows for offloading capabilities. The Hybrid Select also has a uniquely shaped contoured foam base made of high resiliency (HR) foam with deep leg troughs and a cut out to provide relief to the coccyx/tailbone.


Superior seating with hybrid positioning

The Hybrid Select pelvic loading area adjusts to your unique shape, weight, and positioning changes. The ROHO® overlay and IT insert utilizes the ISOFLO® Memory Control that allows you to easily find and set the right position each and every time. The Hybrid Select also has a new unique ROHO® cell design to increases contact area and reduce pressure points.

Unique lateral stability & proven skin protection

The innovative design of the Hybrid Select uses the positioning capability of a contoured foam base with high resiliency (HR) foam and leg troughs to offer support, lateral stability, and a cut out to provide relief to the coccyx/tailbone.

With Hybrid Select, experience truly functional stability combined with great skin and soft tissue protection. The contoured design of the Hybrid Select allows your pelvis to be immersed in air which shapes to you, moves with you, and protects your skin and soft tissue.

Optional offloading comes standard

The Hybrid Select offers an exclusive optional offloading technique by removing the ischial tuberosities (IT) air insert. It also provides flexibility and forgiveness that other offloading cushion do not, making it easier to be in the right position each and every time.


Cover Type Stretch-Air®
Width Widths range from 14 in. / 35.5 cm to 20 in. / 51.0 cm
Product Weight Varies by size, approximately 3.2 lb / 1.45 kg (based on a size 16″ x 16″ cushion)
Weight Limit 500 lb (227 kg)
Warranty Cushion: 36-Month Limited Warranty. Cover: 6-Month Limited Warranty.
Part Number Description MSRP
HS1414C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 14X14 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1416C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 14X16 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1515C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 15X15 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1516C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 15X16 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1517C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 15X17 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1615C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 16X15 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1616C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 16X16 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1617C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 16X17 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1618C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 16X18 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1620C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 16X20 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1716C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 17X16 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1717C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 17X17 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1718C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 17X18 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1720C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 17X20 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1816C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 18X16 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1817C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 18X17 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1818C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 18X18 W/COV $1,106.00
HS1820C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 18X20 W/COV $1,106.00
HS2016C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 20X16 W/COV $1,106.00
HS2017C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 20X17 W/COV $1,106.00
HS2018C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 20X18 W/COV $1,106.00
HS2020C ROHO HYBRID SELECT 20X20 W/COV $1,106.00

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