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Modular Ramp

by National Ramp

Pick A Modular Wheelchair Ramp Style That Fits Your Home and Lifestyle.

Replace or supplement your front steps with a wheelchair and accessibility modular ramp! The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) reports that unintentional falls are the most common form of injury across the country: every day last year, falls resulted in almost 1,800 reported emergency department visits and 417 hospital admissions. HME carries National Ramp which has several different modular ramp styles to suit your every need.

Expert Customer Services and Quick Installations

With quick installation, it’s easy for any wheelchair user to maintain mobility throughout their home. If your head is spinning trying to decide between metal ramps or wooden ramps – or you’re wondering what the difference between an aluminum ramp and a threshold ramp is, that’s where we come in. Our experts specialize in learning the indoor and outdoor wheelchair ramp needs of our customers and we even have mobile home ramps. We will not only find the perfect porch ramp style for you, but we will deliver those ramps quickly and efficiently.

See our different modular ramp styles below!


Breeze: Aluminum Mesh

National Ramp’s most popular consumer line, Breeze, features an open-mesh design, high-traction walking surface, and 100% maintenance-free aluminum.   National Ramp’s aluminum mesh modular ramps restore your freedom with the ease of getting in and out of your home.  Our ADA-Compliant, lightweight, no-maintenance solution allows snow and water to pass right through the aluminum mesh surface.  National Ramp’s popular aluminum mesh modular ramp systems feature the safest walking surface in the industry and are an affordable choice for accessibility solutions.  Our modular ramp systems can be installed in a few hours, bringing freedom to your doorstep immediately.  If safety concerns have led you to look for a ramp, call National Ramp to learn more about how our Breeze aluminum mesh ramp is the perfect solution for your security and peace of mind.

Breeze Benefits

  • Mesh design allows rain to drain right through – no puddles
  • 100% aluminum ramp requires no maintenance
  • High-traction walking surface is safe for all users

Liberty: Aluminum Ramps

The Liberty series provides a maintenance-free aluminum ramp with a non-slip solid deck surface. National Ramp’s solid surface aluminum handicap ramp aids those with mobility impairments to get in and out of their homes safely. Whether you use a wheelchair or scooter, or simply need some added assistance, this ADA-Compliant, non-slip, modular, solid surface aluminum deck ramping is the perfect solution for your home. Plus, these American-made, maintenance-free aluminum wheelchair ramps can be installed quickly. With a continuous handrail from the ground to your front door, these aluminum wheelchair ramps can help you regain your freedom today. National Ramp is the number one supplier of aluminum wheelchair ramps for homes in North America. Call us today to get an aluminum wheelchair ramp for your home.

Liberty Benefits

  • Continuous handrails with smooth elbow connectors
  • Non-slip surface for increased safety
  • 100% aluminum wheelchair ramps for homes requires no maintenance

Triumph: Steel Mesh

Our powder-coated Triumph steel ramps are an economical option with National Ramp‘s signature open mesh design. National Ramp’s modular steel mesh ramps are an aesthetically pleasing, yet affordable ramp solution. The Tuxedo Black powder-coated finish complements all exteriors and provides more durability than painted steel ramps. The non-slip textured surface keeps this ADA-Compliant ramp safe for all users, as rain and snow pass through the mesh construction. The modular ramp sections come in a variety of in-stock lengths that are ready to install within days, not weeks. Getting your freedom back today is only a phone call away to National Ramp.

Triumph Benefits

  • Mesh design allows rain and snow to drain through
  • Powder-coated finished steel won’t flake or chip like painted ramps
  • In stock for fast installation

Victory: Wood Deck

Made from pressure-treated Southern Pine, the Victory series offers a quality wooden ramp for the cost-conscious consumer. National Ramp’s wood surface modular decking is spaced to allow water to drain through and pressure treated to prevent rotting. This ADA-Compliant modular deck is constructed of premium Southern Yellow Pine to complement the beauty of your home. Plus, the wood deck ramp is easily painted or stained to match an existing structure and extend the life of the wood. With your home’s design in mind, this all-natural, American engineered and manufactured wood surface modular system installs in hours and is in stock today to be at your location fast. This wood ramp is perfect for those that are more accustomed to the look and feel of wood.

Victory Benefits

  • Economical and aesthetically pleasing
  • Pressure treated to prevent rotting
  • Versatile natural wooden ramping can be painted or stained any color

Latitude: Commercial

National Ramp’s commercial solid-surface aluminum access ramps are the perfect solution for your business needs. Whether it’s a pack of kids running from a modular classroom to lunch or a construction site needing to meet ADA-Compliant specifications, this nonslip solid surface ramp with its 48” wide ramps will answer the call. Your new aluminum ramp can be at your location fast, plus the install process takes only a few hours. If a no-maintenance ramp has led you to National Ramp, then your next phone call should be to order yours today.

Latitude Benefits

  • 48” wide ramps
  • Vertical pickets
  • Interior handrails
  • 100% aluminum ramp


National Ramp Latitude Series Brochure National Ramp Bi-Fold Brochure National Ramp Line Brochure

Delivery Options

Call 604-821-0075 or request details about the Modular Ramp using the form below.

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  • In order to provide HME clients with the best service, HME will provide parts and services for products only purchased from HME. If you did not purchase from HME contact the company you purchased your product from, which may still be under warranty.

    Please note that HME only sells to clients within Province of BC, Canada.
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About National Ramp

Freedom Now. It’s Not Just Our Mission, But Our Purpose.

Not Just Our Purpose, But Our Promise. It’s Who We Are And What We Do. The Very Nature Of Our Business, Of Every Team Member, Is Purposefully Built To Deliver To You This Promise.

You see, our perspective is that freedom now gives you the independence to get into and out of your home starting right now. With a disability due to disease or injury, we know that life doesn’t just slow down, it gets turned inside out. Doing things, you once took for granted become difficult. Even simple tasks such as getting in and out of your own home can be a monumental undertaking. And getting back into the routine you know so well shouldn’t take forever.

That is why everything we do at National Ramp is geared to help you get your life back and in control, faster than asap – right now. With mobility comes momentum in your recovery and a renewed sense of confidence and optimism. We believe that’s an improvement that can’t wait – so we don’t.

We believe when the need should arise, the ramp should arrive. Everything we do, we do to make it happen in days – not weeks or months – so you can get out, go forth, gain momentum and live. Our customer service staff answers the phone immediately. The manufacturing team makes certain there is always enough inventory of every single ramp we offer. And our logistics people get all the orders out the same day, every day.

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