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Vertical Platform Lifts

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How the Vertical Platform Lifts' System Works

The Bruno Vertical Platform lift is a vertical elevator system that is typically installed on the outside of a home. A common configuration is to install the unit from the ground (i.e. patio area) to an upstairs deck. The Bruno vertical platform lift system allows users in wheelchairs, scooters and another user to ride up together on the unit. This unit is preferred over an outdoor stair lift when a user is in a wheelchair. The units come in the following sizes:
  • 53″ length
  • 75″ length
  • 123″ length
Prices vary depending on the length required (with prices increasing as the length is increased). The units run on battery power, and can be fitted with electronic opening gates (recommended) that lock off the unit when not in use.

How Vertical Platform Units are Installed

Vertical platform units are large units, that weigh 1500 pounds. The team at HME will have the vertical platform unit through our logistics team delivered to the home. From there, it takes between 1-3 days (depending on the size of the unit as well as the features desired) to install within the home. Typically, the unit sits on 4″ of concrete, which the home owner either has put in on their own, or HME has an external concrete provider that can give a quote. HME will do all the wiring/rail cutting (if required) to install the unit.

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