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South Surrey

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Vehicle Lifts

Lifts for Mobility Scooters, Power & Manual Wheelchairs

HME Vehicle Lifts are designed to help users safely lift their wheelchairs or scooters into their cars. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of after-market lifts for cars, trucks and vans of all sizes. Installing a car lift is easy and will enhance your mobility tremendously as you’ll be able to take your wheelchair or scooter with you wherever you need it.

As always, HME offers extensive wheelchair lift maintenance and long term servicing from trained professionals. For more information about our vehicle lifts or to see them in practice visit any of our three showrooms and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Vehicle Lifts Designed to Fit Vans, Sedans, Trucks and SUVs –  Find One That is Right for You!

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