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Meet the Super Pole: A Floor-to-Ceiling Grab Bar Solution

Super poles are floor-to-ceiling grab bars that make navigating bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms easier. They can be adjusted to fit any ceiling height and offer support when a grab bar can't be installed on a horizontal wall. Once the floor-to-ceiling grab bar system is in-place extensions and additions can be added depending on how the grab bar is to be used. For example, the SuperTrapeze, the Super Bar and the Security Pole offer extended support to users who are going to be using the pole to switch from a laying down to a sitting-up position.

Ideal for a Variety of Spaces in the Home

Super poles are a great way to add safety in your bedroom, bathroom or other areas of your homes! HME offers a full selection of super poles, and our techs are certified to install them in your homes.

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