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Rollator Walkers

Buy From:$1199.00
Buy From:$618.00
Buy From:$559.00
You Save:$10.00 (2%)
Buy From:$699.00
Buy From:$569.00
Buy From:$569.00
Buy From:$667.00
Rent From:$125.00 / Month

Is A Rollator Walker Right For You?

Rollators or Rollator Walkers are different from traditional walkers because they have wheels that make transportation much safer for those who would like to remain highly mobile. The stability and support provided by Rollator Walkers often appeal to users who are looking to freely and confidently navigate their surroundings. Rollator walkers offer locking brakes and a comfortable seat that can be used when one gets tired. Many Rollator Walkers come with convenient baskets for you to place your belongings in and comfortable handle grips.

Why Order Your Rollator Walker From HME Mobility?

HME has the largest selection of Rollator Walkers in the Lower Mainland, and our trained professionals will assist with the selection and fitting to ensure you find the right choice for your needs! We offer so many Rollator Walkers that sometimes, choosing the one that’s right for you can seem daunting. That’s why our professionals are certified to assess your needs and recommend the product with the features that will most enhance your lifestyle. We have some of the most expansive showrooms in the industry conveniently located in Richmond and Victoria. Come trial our Rollator Walkers in-person today!

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