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Portable Lifts (Motor Needed)

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Take the Weight Off with a Portable Lift System

Portable patient lifts assist caretakers in moving a patient around a care room. Whether it’s assisting them into a chair from their bed, or simply repositioning them, a portable lift system can be that “extra pair of hands” that make home care-taking easier. Portable Lifts literally take the weight (and risk) off a caretakers shoulders.

All the Usability of a Patient Lift without the Permanence

Portable patient lifts provide all the reliability and convenience of a regular patient lift, without the need to permanently install them in your home. Portable patient lifts help customers avoid expensive home renovations as these lifts can be temporarily installed in the room care is needed and removed whenever they’re no longer needed. The lifts can handle up to 30 transfers of a 180 lb patient on a fully charged battery. We offer three types of portable patient lifts:
  1. Arjo Easytrack Freestanding Overhead Lift Kit
  2. Arjo Easytrack Tension Mounted Ceiling Lift Kit
  3. ORBIT® Patient Transfer Lift
The Portable lifts offer the convenience of an installed overhead lift, without the installation and construction costs associated with the overhead lifts. As the largest ARJO dealer in Canada, HME offers these above systems with the full kit, and offers the best price for the kits, guaranteed!

Inquire today about how HME can put these Portable Patient Lift Systems to use in your home.

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