HME is proud to be a valuable essential services provider during COVID 19, and proud partner of our Health Authorities. HME is remaining open to provide services, and is taking safeguards. Click here to learn more about HME's COVID 19 response plan, and please call us, as we continue to serve the communities we operate in. During this time, we will be offering free deliveries within the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.


South Surrey


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Pediatric Lifts and Slings

Pediatric Lifts and Slings for Easier Patient Care for Children

The pediatric lifts and slings we offer are especially designed for children and persons with smaller body mass. A pediatric lift is slightly different from a universal patient lift or sling because it must secure a person with a much smaller and more delicate frame. Our pediatric lifts and slings have been selected for specifically that reason. Still, there are many different kinds of pediatric lifts and slings depending on the mobility needs of the child. Please give our certified mobility specialists so we can get a better understanding of your specific needs. It can be very helpful to have a lift or sling in your home so your child can be transported and remain mobile. The lifts and slings we offer are easy to operate at home and can be installed and uninstalled without permanent changes to your home. Our certified mobility specialists and technicians will be able to install your new lift or sling and you can feel comfortable knowing our team will be able to perform any repairs, adjustments or installations you need in the future.

Please Visit Our Showroom to Trial Our Pediatric Lifts and Slings or Call an HME Representative

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