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Pediatric Cushions

Buy From:$778.00
Buy From:$711.00
Rent From:$97.00 / Month
Buy From:$533.50
Buy From:$807.00
Rent From:$90.00 / Month
Buy From:$752.00
Rent From:$90.00 / Month

A Small Pediatric Cushion Can Greatly Enhance Your Pediatric Wheelchair

The comfort and reliability of these cushions should never be underestimated. Our customers love our selection of pediatric cushions for their affordability, durability and effectiveness at providing ultimate comfort for their child. Our cushions come in a range of styles, sizes and textures to meet a variety of needs and to accommodate users of different weights. Our Tomato Booster Seats are the perfect go-to for your child where The Kidabra Cushions provide excellent pressure reduction. Regardless, all of our cushions are designed to implement new habits of body positioning and to protect the user from skin breakdown or related complications. A new pediatric cushion may be the small but affordable life-enhancing tool you need in your life!

Browse our selection of Pediatric Cushions Below

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