Manual Tilt Wheelchairs

Rent From:$325.00 / Month
Buy From:$3995.00
Rent From:$285.00 / Month
Buy From:$3409.00
Buy From:$3700.00
Buy From:$3895.00
Buy From:$4282.00
Rent From:$325.00 / Month
Rent From:$260.00 / Month
Buy From:$2995.00
Rent From:$260.00 / Month

Tilt In Space Wheelchairs use gravity to assist with positioning for people who have limited ability to sit in a standard wheelchair. Tilt Wheelchairs also provide pressure relief by re-distibuting ones weight over a larger surface area. There are a number of models to choose from and each has certain advantages for specific needs. HME’s Seating and Mobility Specialists will work with you and your healthcare provider to find the right solution for your needs!

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