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Long Term Care and Assisted Living Patient Slings

Most Assisted Living Facilities Need a Few Different Kinds of Patient Slings on-Hand

HME carries a wide variety of high quality patient slings. We find that most facilities need multiple types of slings to meet the needs of their patients and caretakers.

HME is the Exclusive direct seller of High Star slings in BC to facilities! No other company sells High Star slings to facilities in BC. The High Star slings is the leading sling on the market, with competitive bulk buying rates.

Long Term Care Patient Slings – with Patient Lifts to Match!

Our assisted living patient slings pair well with the wide variety of LTC patient lifts we carry. We carry hammock slings, hygiene slings and recliner slings in a variety of fabrics. It’s advisable to discuss the needs of your facility with our sales team so we can help you determine the best combination of patient lifts and slings for your organization.

Wholesale and Bulk Ordering is Available – Talk to Our Sales Team

We offer our long term care medical products to hospitals, nursing homes, schools and government buildings.

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