Long-Term Care and Assisted Living Hospital Mattresses

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HME Long-Term Care Hospital Mattresses

Long-term care hospital beds emphasize durability, solid construction and convenient features that patients can use to communicate with their care takers from bed. Long-term care hospital mattresses are far more straight-forward in that their sole job is to provide comfort for the patient and last a long time for the assisted living facility.

A Range of LTC Mattresses in Different Sizes

Most long-term care facilities need to stock mattresses in different sizes to accommodate all their patients. HME carries LTC mattresses to suit most of these needs. Our LTC mattresses pair well with our LTC hospital beds and we also offer important long-term care bedroom accessories including long-term care bed rails, headboards and footboards.

Wholesale and Bulk Ordering is Available – Talk to Our Sales Team

We offer our long-term care medical products to hospitals, nursing homes, schools and government buildings.

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