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Reliant Sit to Stand and Patient Floor Lifts - Call Now For Details!

Long-Term Care and Assisted Living Patient Lifts

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HME Long-Term Care Patient Lifts are Different from Regular Patient Lifts

Long-term care patient lifts are often setup and used in a broader range of locations than patient lifts our customers may need in their homes. Our mobile hoists and floor lifts can usually facilitate any kind of ‘patient lifting’ that a caretaker needs to perform. We care about the longevity of care takers as well so our products are designed to reduce the bodily strain placed on the care taker as much as possible.

Long-Term Care Patient Lifts – with Patient Slings to Match!

Our assisted living patient lifts pair well with the wide variety of LTC patient slings we carry. Our LTC patient lifts can fit any space and carry any weight-load. It’s advisable to discuss the use cases of your facility with our sales team so we can help you determine the best combination of patient lifts and slings for your organization.

Wholesale and Bulk Ordering is Available – Talk to Our Sales Team

We offer our long-term care medical products to hospitals, nursing homes, schools and government buildings.

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