Long-Term Care and Assisted Living Hospital Beds

HME Long-Term Care Hospital Beds and Accessories

Keeping long-term care patients safe and comfortable while they sleep is important for any assisted living facility. Many bariatric and long-term care patients spend a great deal of time sleeping and in bed and often require care and treatment while they’re sedentary. Our long-term beds are designed to last for years and provide all the features patients and caretakers find convenient.

A Variety of LTC Beds and Bedroom Accessories for Different Kinds of Patients

We carry standard and bariatric long-term care beds as patient weight and mobility level is often a key indicator in determining what kind of bed they need. We also offer important long-term care bedroom accessories including long-term care bed rails, headboards and footboards.

Wholesale and Bulk Ordering is Available – Talk to Our Sales Team

We offer our long-term care medical products to hospitals, nursing homes, schools and government buildings.

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