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Hand Rails Could Drastically Improve The Safety of Your Home

HMEBC hand rails are some of our best selling products and for good reason. A simple, well placed hand railing can easily and subtly improve the safety of your home. Hand railings are suitable for all spaces of your home and can provide that extra support for individuals who need a helping hand. Generally, hand rails are most helpful in high-traffic areas that are treacherous to navigate without the extra support of an easily accessible hand rail anchored to the wall. Bathrooms, staircases, patios, and bedrooms are just a few examples of the spaces that should offer the support of a handrail if someone with limited mobility is frequenting the home.

HMEBC Hand Rails are Reliable, Subtle and Safe

HMEBC's hand railings come in a variety of finishes to subtly blend in with any decor so they will not be an eye-sore in your home. Furthermore, our handrails can be used indoors, outdoors and can be customized to fit virtually any space. Handrails are an affordable and easy way to quickly improve the safety of your home and decrease the chances of falling or slipping on tricky to navigate areas. Falling is one of the most preventable injuries that force people to leave their homes. Implement some hand rails and stay safe right at home!

Order Hand Railings to Fit Your Home Today!

We have locations in Vancouver, Victoria and South Surrey where certified HME specialists can help you in-person to test and experience how our hand rails work. HMEBC can help you select and install your handrails so they're situated for proper use and maximum safety. Not sure where you need hand rails? Don't worry our trained specialists can help you predict the spaces in your home that could use a safety boost. Our team is always here to support you!

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