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South Surrey


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Grab Bars & Bath Rails

Little Products that make a big Difference in Safety

HME grab bars and bath rails are suitable for many areas of the home that need a small safety improvement. Grab bars are a quick and affordable way to improve the safety in spaces of the home that are often more expensive to remodel and often require expensive home upgrades to make mobility easier. Bypass these costly home remodels by simply installing grab bars where they will have the most impact.

Bath Rails Prevent Accidents

Bathrooms are one of the most accident-prone spaces in a home and as such, they require special safety products to help mitigate this safety risk. Bath rails are just one of these safety improvements that improve bathroom safety tremendously and affordably. HME Vancouver has a wide array of bathroom safety products if you’d like to investigate more ways to simply improve the safety of your bathroom with HME bathroom safety products.

Contact HME to inquire about Bath Rails and Grab Bars

HME has trained installation specialists dedicated to installing grab bars in the bathroom and anywhere you may need them within your home. Don’t want to install? We also carry a range of suction secure grab bars and clamp-on tub rails.

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