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Ceiling Lifts (Motor Needed)

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Save Room with Overhead Fixed Ceiling Lifts

HME is the largest ceiling lift installer in BC, focused on installing residential and school overhead ceiling lifts. HME uses the ARJO system, which is North America’s largest ceiling lift company and best selling lift. Overhead Ceiling Lifts allow those with limited space who cannot use a floor based lift the ability to transfer people with ease. We have both permanent Ceiling Track Systems for more complex needs, as well as portable ceiling lifts that install in minutes by one of our trained professionals. HME Has ARJO Factory certified installation technicians to install fixed ceiling tracks in the home. In order to start this process, our trained sales consultant will meet you in your home to go over your requirements. From there, measurements are taken, and a quote is provided to do the installation. Once the quote is approved, the product is ordered (if custom, more simple ceiling lifts are in stock) and product placed on order. From time of order to installation is between 4-6 weeks. Once the product arrives, a team of (2) technicians will install the product in your home.

Ceiling lift systems from HME enable residents/patients to be transferred in a safe, comfortable and dignified way.

They also provide an easy-to-operate system that eliminates the need for manual lifting, thereby reducing the risk of injuries to caregivers. A single caregiver can carry out transfers quickly and efficiently, controlling all of the processes via a handheld control unit. This type of system also saves staff time, as it is always accessible, ready for use and within easy reach for the caregiver. When the lift system is not in use, it is conveniently and discreetly stored away on the overhead track, out of sight and automatically recharging, thereby freeing up precious floor space. HME offers a complete ceiling lift programme, tailored to the specific needs of the hospital or healthcare facility. This includes assessmentinstallationtraining and long term service and maintenance, to ensure the best possible working environment for staff, and safe, comfortable and dignified transfers for residents/patients.

Features & Benefits

  • Full room coverage. The X-Y system allows full room coverage and can be installed in various ways, including solutions such as embedded track and wall mounting.
  • Embedded solution is mounted into the ceiling, which enables a more discrete look, as well as increasing the lifting stroke.
  • ECS (Enhanced Charging System) ensures the lift is always ready for use, as the batteries are continuously charged wherever the lift is located on the track.
  • Curtain pass- through solution. Through a gap in KWIKtrak, curtain cass pass through to provide privacy for a patient.
  • Mirror strip can easily be attached to the track and reflects the surroundings and thereby allowing the track to blend in more to the environment.

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