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Car Safety

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HME Vancouver Prioritizes Car Safety

Car safety is at the very heart of mobility and accessibility for most seniors and individuals with developmental disabilities. Many of our customers rely on their vehicles for mobility and transportation and don’t want to stop using their cars because it will compromise their safety. This is where some of our car safety products can provide life enhancing safety and comfort for our customers.

Car Safety: Vehicle Lifts, Cushions, Handy Bars

So what is car safety exactly? Car safety refers to any product that allows someone with mobility issues to continue safety utilizing their vehicle without feeling like their health and wellness is at risk. Products that provide this safety and comfort include vehicle lifts for those in wheelchairs, handy bars for safe movements within the car, and back support cushions for maximum comfort within a vehicle for those with back pain.

Some of Our Most Popular Car Safety Products are Below for Your Convenience

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