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Incontinence Briefs Should Be Subtle and Comfortable

Enjoy the fearless protection of Tena products. HME carries Tena products because they have never let our customers down so we can recommend them confidently. Incontinence products need to be the perfect blend of reliable and comfortable. There are many incontinence products on the market that are effective but uncomfortable or comfortable but ineffective – we don’t want our customers to settle so we offer only the best and that is why we recommend and retail Tena products.

Tena Briefs are High Quality and Reliable

Tena briefs have re-sealable tabs that offer maximum protection and comfort. However, they are not one size fits all so please don’t hesitate to ask for help from our certified HME representatives.We offer a supportive, compassionate and understanding environment so our customers can feel absolutely confident speaking openly and feely about their needs. It is our goal to help customers get what they need the first time they purchase.

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