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HME Adult Rehab Team

Lower Mainland Team

Jeff Lang

Senior Seating & Mobility Consultant, Corporate Programs

Jeff is the longest standing Sales Rep at HME, with over 7.5 years of direct industry experience, and 3 previous years as a Rehab Assistant with VCH and Access Therapists. Through his work in the community and long-term care settings with allied health professionals, he has a skillset tailored to clients who require Power Wheelchairs and Lift Systems, in addition to all other rehab equipment. With in-depth knowledge of the various drive trains, seating systems, and funding sources (in particular, the Ministry of Social Development) he can select, trial, and deliver the best Power Wheelchairs to his clients. Another area Jeff specializes in is ceiling lifts, or track-type lift systems and the associated slings. Jeff has done countless lift assessments in private homes, BC Housing units, and long-term care facilities. Jeff is also HME's leading VPL specialist where he has helped many families with the entire VPL process. He is someone that can make that process as easy as possible with the emphasis on safety and accessibility.

Matt Hodgins

Seating & Mobility Consultant

Recently graduating from the University of Victoria in April 2020, Matt is joining HME as an Accessibility Sales Consultant. Combining over 4 years of customer service and sales experience from all over Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, Matt is well on his way to becoming an Accessibility expert. He looks forward to adding even more value and support to the HME community.

Nicole Saxvik

Mobility & Seating Consultant

With a background in Kinesiology and over 2 years of experience working in the medical equipment industry, Nicole is qualified in all aspects of rehab equipment. She understands that every client is different and as a result, takes the time to find the right equipment that is needed to help each client gain independence and improve their quality of life.

Tracey Kroetsch

Mobility & Seating Consultant

Tracey has a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology with combined experience as a chiropractic assistant and office manager. She also has over 15 years of experience in customer service and a lifetime of physical activity and sporting pursuits. She enjoys actively participating in current events within the rehabilitation industry – MS Conference, Rehab Equipment Expo, Educational Conferences – with the goal of the continued growth of industry knowledge. With expertise and passion in both clinical anatomy and rehabilitation, Tracey loves finding her clients the right solutions to fulfill their needs.

Rob Fuzesi

Senior Mobility & Seating Consultant

With nearly 30 years of experience in the medical equipment field, Rob is an expert in providing his many clients with the right long-term care and rehab equipment to meet their medical needs. Each case he manages is unique in it of itself so he determines what equipment is best for that client and their family for present and future needs. On an average day, Rob is traveling all over the Lower Mainland delivering and fitting all sorts of equipment to a handful of families. He also has a great team to help manage his accounts consisting of Nicole Saxvik, Kristy Frederick, and Kirsten Bradshaw.

Vancouver Island Team

Connor Mentiply

Seating & Mobility Consultant

Native to North Vancouver and now residing in Victoria, Connor combines both his Bachelor of Commerce degree and over 5 years of customer service knowledge to deliver the personable approach HME is known for. Experiencing mobility injuries himself due to sports, Connor understands the importance of not only mobility, but accessibility needs being met too. As part of the Vancouver Island team, Connor is ready and eager to help others meet their accessibility needs and improve their quality of life.

Since joining the HME team in 2020, Connor has found joy in his role as a seating and mobility consultant where he has been able to help people find the right medical equipment. Initially working in the accessibility division, Connor has now started to work in areas of rehab too. Growing into new divisions has allowed him to continually work with his clients and ensure their needs are being met.

David Manuel

Mobility & Seating Consultant

David brings 5 years as a Licensed Practical Nurse working in Pediatrics, Long-Term Care, and Residential Care. Specializing in Long-Term Care and Rehab on Vancouver Island, he applies his knowledge to help improve the quality of life of his clients by assisting with seating, positioning, and mobility. David also assists occupational therapists with his expertise in product knowledge for them to help prescribe the appropriate equipment.

Graham Plant

Sales & Business Development Manager

Graham graduated with an Advance Diploma in Biomedical Engineering and over 12 years specifically as a Seating and Mobility Consultant. Currently he holds the Senior Sales Representative Position located on Vancouver Island. He consistently applies his strong aptitude for seating, positioning, posture, and advanced mobility within the field of power, tilt, manual and rigid wheelchair frame technology.

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