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What Does HME’s Partnership with Blue Cross Mean for You?

HME is passionate about improving the health and wellness of our customers in Canada. Therefore, HME is proud to align our company with hundreds of businesses who share this vision and passion. That’s why we are a proud partner of Blue Cross and are excited to support the Blue Advantage Membership Program. HME’s partnership with Blue Cross means you get savings on the health care products and services we offer.

Blue Cross is the most recognized health insurance provider in the world. They offer senior health insurance programs that are very popular among our customers. Their British Columbia organization is called Pacific Blue Cross, although they also offer coverage across Canada through the following organisations.

Medavie Blue Cross
Ontario Blue Cross
Quebec Blue Cross
Manitoba Blue Cross
Saskatchewan Blue Cross
Alberta Blue Cross
Pacific Blue Cross

How do you use your Blue Advantage Membership from Blue Cross?

Simply show your Blue Advantage Membership ID card to us in store at any of our three locations in Vancouver, Victoria or Surrey.

HME offers savings on health and wellness products and services through the Blue Advantage health insurance program. Savings are offered to all Blue Cross members and their dependents regardless of whether the product or service is covered under their benefits plan. Blue Advantage discounts may be replaced with another discount, whichever provides greater savings to the Blue Cross member.

When You Present Your Blue Advantage Membership from Blue Cross Here’s What You’ll Get from HME:

HME is pleased to offer Blue Cross Members the following discounts:


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